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diversification at the core

At Vault, our investment methodology blends diversified portfolios, thematic investing, and alternative strategies to safeguard and grow your wealth.
Vault’s investment philosophy
At Vault, our investment philosophy is a blend of eight key principles that guide our approach to wealth management. Each principle is carefully designed to help our clients achieve their financial goals and secure their financial future.
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Diversified portfolios

Through ownership of companies (equities) and lending to high-grade institutions (bonds), we diversify our capital risk over a long period of time while managing short and medium-term volatility, finding the best way to achieve long-term capital preservation while maximizing the ability to yield returns.
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Option to align investments with Islamic Principles

For investors that would like to invest within the Islamic principles, 
we have created diversified portfolios with different allocations that are Shariah compliant.
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Thematic investing

Thematic investment is about investing in your convictions.
The objective of thematic investment is to outperform core diversification or to add further diversification by adding exposure that may not be common to have in a diversified portfolio.
At Vault, we offer clients five key themes to choose from, each with unique opportunities and growth potential: AI & robotics, health technology, sustainable energy, real estate, and commodities.
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Exclusive access to 
Private Market Portfolios

Alternative investments can enhance a portfolio's performance by offering better risk-adjusted returns and can provide exposure to unique opportunities and investment strategies that are not available in traditional public markets. This added diversification can help to reduce overall portfolio risk and improve long-term performance.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I invest with Vault?
Vault offers personalized investment solutions tailored to clients' unique financial circumstances and objectives. Our experienced advisors take a disciplined approach to wealth advisory, providing transparent communication and a suite of extensive investment opportunities each meant to achieve different unique objectives.
Can I withdraw my investments at any time?
All our portfolios are fully liquid, which means that you can sell or withdraw your investment at anytime.
Am I eligible to invest with Vault?
Any individual or family is eligible to open an account, except for US Citizens, Residents or Green Card holders.
In which countries am I eligible to invest?
You can open an account and invest from any country as long as its not a sanctioned or restricted jurisdiction.

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