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Business owners in the UAE get less than 3%* APY on business savings. At Vault, we pay you 5.48%* APY.
Interest Rate
Interest Rate
Interest Rate

Earn up to 5.48% APY interest on cash with Vault’s SmartCash business savings account

Through SmartCash,  you earn interest each day your deposit is active with the ability to withdraw at any tme. You earn interest each day your deposit is active with the ability to withdraw at any time. You can earn a competitive return without the pressure of timing the market.
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Lock-in free and flexible

With no entry or exit fees, you have the flexibility to decide whether to use the generated income for financial independence or reinvest it.
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Currency conversion at market rate +0.2%

Enjoy low FX conversion fees for currency transfers between USD, GBP, EUR currencies.
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A custodian you can trust

When placing your money with a custodian, you need to make sure your custodian is secure and can endure through good and bad times. That’s why we chose Interactive Brokers.
Your offshore account is opened directly in your name with the Custody Bank & Broker, Interactive Brokers.Your assets are protected by both the SIPC and the US FDIC.
Vault is regulated by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority and licensed by the Abu Dhabi Global Market.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the rate valid for?
Unlike a promotional rate, Vault does not control the rates for SmartCash. Daily interest rate levels are determined by central banks offering a transparent and clear approach to your savings.
What is the minimum requirement?
The minimum deposit for SmartCash is $5,000.
Can I easily withdraw my money?
Yes, SmartCash is a lock-in-free solution. You can withdraw at anytime, with the press of a button.
Do I pay penalty for withdrawing my money any time?
No, there are no penalties for withdrawals from your SmartCash account.
Is there a minimum time to keep the money with smartcash?
No, there is no minimum commitment.
How is the interest calculated?
Interest is accrued daily within the money market fund.

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