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Business owners in the UAE get less than 3%* APY on business savings. At Vault, we pay you 5.36%* APY.

Earn up to 5.36% APY interest on cash with Vault’s SmartCash business savings account

Through SmartCash,  you earn interest each day your deposit is active with the ability to withdraw at any tme. You earn interest each day your deposit is active with the ability to withdraw at any time. You can earn a competitive return without the pressure of timing the market.
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Lock-in free and flexible

With no entry or exit fees, you have the flexibility to decide whether to use the generated income for financial independence or reinvest it.
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Currency conversion at market rate +0.2%

Enjoy low FX conversion fees for currency transfers between USD, GBP, EUR currencies.
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A custodian you can trust

When placing your money with a custodian, you need to make sure your custodian is secure and can endure through good and bad times. That’s why we chose Interactive Brokers.
Your offshore account is opened directly in your name with the Custody Bank & Broker, Interactive Brokers.Your assets are protected by both the SIPC and the US FDIC.
Vault is regulated by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority and licensed by the Abu Dhabi Global Market.

Frequently Asked Questions


How is Vault different?
At Vault, we believe in putting our clients first, empowering them to make conscious investment choices. Unlike big banks that are often incentivized by commissions or product sales, we're incentivized for your long-term success. We offer a personalized approach to investing that takes into account your unique financial goals, risk tolerance, and other factors, and we use cutting-edge technology to provide you with a seamless investing experience.
Am I eligible to invest with Vault?
Any individual or family is eligible to open an account, except for US Citizens, Residents or Green Card holders.
In which countries am I eligible to invest?
You can open an account and invest from any country as long as its not a sanctioned or restricted jurisdiction.
Do I have to pay taxes when Vault opens an offshore US account for me?
Vault is designed for non-US residents and nationals; therefore, we do not offer services to American citizens or residents. Our diversified portfolios are designed for non-US taxpayers. All underlying investments are UCITS domiciled in Ireland or Luxembourg. Consequently, no capital gains, withholding, or income tax applies to our diversified portfolios. A prerequisite of opening an account is signing a W8Ben form confirming that you are not a US tax resident. Therefore, interest on cash holdings is tax-exempt, as there is no US withholding or US tax implications. You may have tax implications based on your country of residence; therefore, we always recommend you speak with your tax advisor to assess any local repercussions. However, for clients who are only tax residents in the UAE, you do not have any withholding, income, or capital gains taxes on your holdings through Vault.


What are Vault's fees?
At Vault, we recognize the prevalent issue of advisors being driven by fees rather than your best interests. To counter this, we've eliminated any entry and exit fees. Instead, we operate on a simple and transparent annual fee structure.
Am I charged an Entry or Exit fee?
No. We only take an Annual Platform Fee on assets invested through our platform.


Why should I invest with Vault?
Vault offers personalized investment solutions tailored to clients' unique financial goals and risk tolerance. Our experienced advisors take a disciplined, data-driven approach to investment management, providing transparent communication and exclusive investment opportunities to help clients achieve consistent, long-term returns.
What percentage returns should I expect?
Our diversified portfolios aim to provide an expected annualized return of 5-10% p.a.
What are the risks when investing in one of Vault’s portfolios?
Like all investments, there are risks associated with investing in Vault's portfolios. However, our investment strategies are designed to minimize risk and maximize returns over the long-term. We take a proactive approach to managing risk in our portfolios. We diversify investments across different asset classes and sectors to reduce the impact of any one security or market on the overall portfolio.
Can I withdraw my investments at any time?
All our portfolios are fully liquid, which means that you can sell or withdraw your investment at anytime.


How will my advisor create a personalized investment plan for me?
At Vault, our advisors work closely with you to develop a personalized investment plan that reflects your unique financial goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon. During an initial consultation, your advisor will gather information about your financial situation, including your income, expenses, and assets. Based on this information, your advisor will work with you to define your investment objectives, identify your risk tolerance, and determine your optimal asset allocation.

Using this information, your advisor will create a personalized investment plan that is tailored to your specific needs and goals.
During what stages of my investment journey will I have access to an advisor?
At Vault, we believe in providing our clients with personalized support throughout their entire investment journey. Whether you're just starting out or have been investing for years, you'll have access to an advisor at every stage of your investment journey.
What qualifications does my advisor have?
At Vault, we take great care in selecting and training our advisors to ensure they have the expertise and qualifications necessary to provide you with the best possible investment advice and support. Our advisors are all registered with the relevant regulatory bodies and come with a combined 50 years experience in wealth management, having worked with the largest international banks in the country.
How can I get in touch with my assigned advisor?
You can get in touch with your assigned advisor through phone, email or the client portal through dashboard.

Asset Protection

Is Vault a regulated financial institution?
Yes, Vault is regulated by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority "FSRA" in the Abu Dhabi Global Market "ADGM".
How does Vault keep my money safe?
At Vault, we take the security of our clients' money very seriously. To ensure that your investments are safe and secure, we use industry-leading account protection measures. Your investments are held in your own name with a custody bank offshore, which means that your assets are fully segregated and protected in the event of any issues with our firm. We're also regulated by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) in Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), which provides an additional layer of oversight and protection. Additionally, your accounts with Interactive Brokers (IBKR), our broker-dealer partner, are insured by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) for up to $500,000. This means that you can invest with confidence, knowing that your assets are protected by a comprehensive system of safeguards.
Who are Interactive Brokers?
Interactive Brokers (IBKR) is a publicly listed US Brokerage Firm with a total AUM of USD 360B and a total of 2M+ clients.

On a consolidated basis, IBG LLC exceeds $10.9 billion in equity capital, over $7.7 billion in excess of regulatory requirements.

Interactive Brokers LLC is rated "A-" Outlook Stable by Standard & Poor's.
Where is my money held?
You will simply open an account in your own name with our Custodian Banks. Your money will be held Offshore in the US with banks such as Citi US or US bank.
What happens if I leave the country?
Since your account is held Offshore, you would simply just need to update your new country of residency and tax declaration.
What happens to my money if Vault goes public, is acquired, or closes?
In the event that Vault Wealth were to go public, be acquired, or close, your investments would remain yours and would not be affected by these changes. Your investments are held in your own name with a custody bank offshore, which means that your assets are fully segregated and protected in the event of any issues with our firm.

Master wealth management for success.

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